What Defines a Family?

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What defines a family is that you want the best interest for your family over your own desires and you are willing to keep the stature of your family’s name where it rightfully should be. It can also be used as revenge for something that happened to a family member by an opposing family. A family Loves, Honors, Nourishes, Teaches and are role models to their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. A family is about unity and stability within the circle, no jealousy, hatred or misuse of each family member(s), family needs to be supportive of one another no matter what! These are where God teaches about making sacrifices for family.  God sacrificed his son Jesus to die for our sins so think about this for a minute.  Please see my notes on priorities of a family by following the link https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150384629975153 The fact is, God starts with the family because He created it. Our very existence as a society is contingent on the success of the family. And that also explains why Satan hates it so and has declared war on it. It has been said, “A family can survive without a nation, but a nation cannot survive without the family.”

There are 3 types of Family listed BELOW.

1.  True Blood Line Family: Same Blood line: any group of persons closely related by blood, as parents, children, uncles, aunts, and cousins: a family that stays family til you or they pass on but remains family with God.  They say.. but we know Blood is thicker than water (looking down at Blended Family) when it becomes important.

2. Blended Family (Step): composed of a parent, and a child or children by a previous marriage. If the parent passes on (dies) from that family circle that releases step family theory and the surviving members who are considered step mom/father brothers and sisters are no longer and released from the equation unless the step parent adopts the child(ren).   By law they are not considered in title of step mom, father, brother or sister but only individuals you once knew in a family setting.  A common law marriage may be recognized in the State of Colorado but not to God.   Read the bible.  A common law marriage does not make any one step anything…

3.  Family of Friends:  A step family could now be considered friends or NOT.   This could be considered very very close friends and you know what they say about true friendship.   A bond that can not be broken by anything or anyone… almost like real true blood family without the DNA!   I call them my Fam Fam!


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Having No Medical Insurance when your husband abandons you! “A MUST READ” My Story

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Our Economy is going to go crazy again… with the Dow breaking new records of low..  and when you see that I want you to remember this article and it is about me that appeared in the Rocky Mountain News on May 4, 2004.  A True Story.   Remember those who are going to suffer because they don’t have health insurance already and struggling with illnesses.   Has it changed??  No in 2017 when Trump was elected, he and the GOP Paul Ryan is trying to destroy Medicaid, Medicare, and take ObamaCare away from all.   He already has cut Medicaid supplements away from Children.   I just want to let people know what it feels like.



Rocky Mountain News: It comes in the mail, via the computer or in a chance meeting, that exhilarating, sudden reminder of how lucky you have it. The legions of Coloradoans who don’t have it, I hear from or about nearly every single day. Some of their stories will simply break your heart. They include tales of young mothers who quit their jobs, applied for Medicaid, got it, and learned what they feared all along: They have cancer. Yet the public money that allows the diagnosis and covers the initial treatment, provides little, if anything, for aftercare. By the time a kindly doctor takes them on, it is sometimes too late. It is why I will tell the story of Darlene J, a 55-year-old Aurora woman so desperate for a doctor to help her that she has written to me and called me on the phone several times in search of help. All she knows is she has several tumors on both kidneys, that her right kidney is enlarged and growing with every passing day. She’s known this for three years, which is how long it has been since she last saw a renal specialist. She was married then. Her husband of 18 years had insurance. It went away when the couple separated. Her problem has twice landed her in the emergency room with kidney stones. At each hospital she finds herself, she tells of the kidney tumors. There is nothing they can do, they tell Darlene J, if she has no insurance. She was admitted after much struggle into an indigent care program, but it covers only her basic needs. She has badgered more hospital representatives than she can count now, but the answer is always the same: She needs medical insurance. A physician’s assistant at the indigent clinic took pity on her nearly two years ago and put her on a list for referral to a renal specialist. Darlene J remains buried deep in the list. In desperation, she tried to get welfare. Darlene J, though, having no children, was turned away. “The only way they would take me was if I was in critical condition and couldn’t take care of myself,” she said. “I don’t want to wait until I am critical. I want to get help before it becomes critical.” Since her husband left, she has applied for numerous jobs. On the application line where they inquire of medical problems, she never lies. Darlene J has worked a number of temporary jobs the past three years. She now works as a security guard in the Denver Tech Center. She will become eligible for medical benefits in four months. Yet what if the first doctor she sees tells her she needs surgery? Will the security firm stick by her, keep her on the payroll? Or will it simply let her go? “If I don’t work, how do I pay for rent, utilities and to eat?” she said. She has pleaded to congressmen and state legislators. They are sympathetic, she said, but of little help. She wonders how many others are in her same situation. She reads the papers and knows there are hundreds of thousands who have lost their jobs in recent years and are without health care. “How many others are there like me? How many have died?” she asked. Only those suffering the nightmare that is the dearth of affordable health care in this country truly understand it. Go ahead, walk into the emergency room of Denver Health, this city’s safety-net hospital for the poor and uninsured. The people there, trust me, have shuffled in there simply because they cannot stand anymore what it is that ails them. A story ran in this newspaper 10 days ago of how Denver Health may have to stop doing elective surgeries for the uninsured, sticking only to preventative, primary and emergency care, because it is drowning in red ink. If you have insurance, this news may not have caused you much concern. You will care, though, if your luck runs out, if your job is outsourced, or if the next time the economy goes sour you’re laid off. Then the prospect of dealing with common diseases becomes a nightmare. Hepatitis C, cancer or arthritis? Without health insurance, you can almost just forget it. The prescription drug costs to treat each are, respectively, $13,000, $20,000 and $9,500 annually. No, she doesn’t want money, Darlene J said. “I just feel so alone in this.” I am telling you this in anticipation of the next time a politician, a candidate for whatever office, fills your ears with promises of providing affordable health care for all Americans. Just remember Darlene J and others like her. Don’t just nod. Ask questions. “Exactly how are you planning to do this, sir?” is a good start. And remember this, too the last thing Darlene J told me the other day: “I have nightmares every day,” she said, “of seeing my death certificate and it stating: Cause of Death: Renal Failure Due to No Medical Insurance.”

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I was born on 5/12/48 The numbers are 5 12 12,

my eldest son was born May of 66  two numbers 5 12

My middle son was born in Dec  one number 12

My youngest son on day 12

See numbers are in the Bible, again, I did my search on verses and meanings of 5 and 12.


FIVE is four plus one (4+1). We have had hitherto the three persons of the Godhead, and their manifestation in creation. Now we have a further revelation of a People called out from mankind, redeemed and saved, to walk with God from earth to heaven. Hence, Redemption follows creation. Inasmuch as in consequence of the fall of man creation came under the curse and was “made subject to vanity,” therefore man and creation must be redeemed. Thus we have:

  1. Father
  2. Son
  3. Spirit
  4. Creation
  5. Redemption

These are the FIVE great mysteries, and FIVE is, therefore, the number of GRACE.

If four is the number of the world, then it represents man’s weakness, and helplessness, and vanity, as we have seen. But four plus one (4+1=5) is significant of Divine strength added to and made perfect in that weakness; of omnipotence combined with the impotence of earth; of Divine favour uninfluenced and invincible.

The word “the earth” is Cr) h (Ha-Eretz).

The gematria of this word is 296, a multiple of four; while the word for “the heavens” is  (Ha-shemayeem), the gematria of which is 395, a multiple of FIVE

 The gematria of grace is 725, a multiple of the square of FIVE (52×29).

The numerical value of the words “My grace is sufficient for thee” is 1845, of which the factors are 5 x 32 x 41.

Grace means favour. But what kind of favour? For favour is of many kinds. Favour is shown to the miserable we call mercy; favour is shown to the poor we call pity; favour is shown to the suffering we call compassion; favour shown to the obstinate we call patience: but favour shown to the unworthy we call GRACE! This is favour indeed; the favour which is truly divine in its source and in its character. Light is thrown upon it in Romans 3:24, “being justified freely by His grace.” The word here translated “freely” occurs again in John 15:25, and is translated “without a cause” (“they hated me without a cause“). Was there any real cause why they hated the Lord Jesus? No! Nor is there any cause in us why God should ever justify us. So we might read Romans 3:24 thus: “Being justified without a cause by His grace.” Yes, this is grace indeed, —favour to the unworthy.

It was so with Abram. There was no cause in him why God should have called him and chosen him! There was no cause why God should have made an unconditional covenant with him and his seed forever. Therefore the number FIVE shall be stamped upon this covenant by causing it to be made with FIVE sacrifices—a heifer, a goat, a ram, a dove, and a pigeon (Genesis 15:9).

It is remarkable, also, that afterwards, when God changed Abram’s name to Abraham (Genesis 17:5), the change was made very simply, but very significantly (for there is no chance with God), by inserting in the middle of it the fifth letter of the alphabet, the symbol of the number FIVE, and Abram, became Abraham (Genesis 17:5). All this was of grace, and it is stamped with this significance. It is worthy of note that this change was made at a particular moment. It was when Abraham was called to “walk before” God in a very special manner. He was to look for the promised “seed” from no earthly source, and thus he was to “walk by faith and not by sight.” It was at this moment that God revealed Himself for the first time by His name of EL SHADDAI, i.e. the all-bountiful One! Able to supply all Abraham’s need, able to meet all his necessities, able to do for him all that he required. How gracious! How suitable! How perfect! It is the same in 2 Corinthians 6:17, 18, when we are called, as Abraham was, to “come out,” to “be separate,” and walk by faith with God. He reveals himself (for the first time in the New Testament) by the same wonderful name, “Ye shall be My sons and daughters, saith the Lord ALMIGHTY“! —able to support and to sustain you; able to supply all your need. This is grace.

THE FIFTH BOOK OF THE BIBLE (DEUTERONOMY) magnifies the grace of God, and in it special pains, so to speak, are taken to emphasize the great fact that not for the sake of the people, but for God’s own Name’s sake had He called, and chosen, and blessed them. Read Deuteronomy 4:7, 20, 32, 37, 8:11, 17, etc.

THE FIFTH BOOK OF PSALMS sets forth the same great fact. Its first Psalm (Psalm 107) magnifies this and shows how “He sent His word and healed them” (v 20), and again and again delivered them out of all their trouble.

THE FIFTH PSALM OF THE FIRST BOOK has also special reference to God’s “FAVOUR,” or grace, with which He encompasses His people. Psalm 5:12, “For thou LORD wilt bless the righteous; with FAVOUR wilt Thou compass him [Hebrews crown himas with a shield.

THE “STONE” KINGDOM will be the fifth kingdom, succeeding and comprehending the four great world-powers, absorbing all earthly dominion, when the kingdoms of this world shall become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Anointed, and He shall reign in glory and in grace.

“FIVE SMOOTH STONES” were chosen by David when he went to meet the giant enemy of Israel (1Samuel 17:40). They were significant of his own perfect weakness supplemented by Divine strength. And he was stronger in this weakness than in all the Armour of Saul. It is worthy of note that after all, he used only the one, not any of the four. That one was sufficient to conquer the mightiest foe.

IT WAS THE FIFTH BOOK that David’s son and David’s Lord used in His conflict with that great enemy of whom Goliath was the faintest type. It was only the Book of Deuteronomy, which formed the one stone with which he defeated the Devil himself (compare Matthew 4:1-11 and Deuteronomy 8:3, 6:13,16). No wonder that this Book of Deuteronomy is the object of Satan’s hatred. “No marvel” that today his ministers, “transformed as the ministers of righteousness” (2Corinthians 11:14,15), are engaged in the attempt to demolish this Book of Deuteronomy with their destructive criticism. But their labour is all in vain, for it is stamped with the number which marks the omnipotence of Jehovah’s power and grace.

THE PROMISE FIVE of you shall chase a thousand, and a hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight” (Leviticus 26:8), conveys the truth elsewhere revealed;—”If God be for us who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31). But note, it does not say “FIVE shall chase a thousand“; but “FIVE OF YOU,”—FIVE of those whom God has redeemed and delivered, and whom He will strengthen with His own might.

THE PREFERENCE I had rather speak FIVE words with the understanding, than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue” (1Corinthians 14:19). That is to say, a few words spoken in the fear of God, in human weakness, depending on Divine strength and blessing, will be able to accomplish that which God has purposed; while words without end will be spoken in vain. Man may applaud the latter and bestow his admiration on their eloquence. But God will own only the former, and follow them with this blessing, making them to work effectually in them that believe (1Thessalonians 1:6, 2:13).

JEHOVAH’S DEMAND TO PHARAOH was FIVE-fold in its nature, because it was the expression of His grace in this deliverance of His people. It brought out, therefore, FIVE distinct objections from Pharaoh. Jehovah’s demand sprang purely from His own spontaneous grace. Nothing necessitated it, neither Israel’s misery nor Israel’s merit called it forth. “God heard their groaning, and God remembered HIS covenant with Abraham, with Isaac, and with Jacob. And God looked upon the children of Israel, and God had respect unto them” (Exodus 2:24,25). It was not their covenant with God, as with Israel afterwards at Sinai; but it was God’s covenant, which HE had made with their fathers. All was of grace. Hence, Jehovah’s demand to Pharaoh (in Exodus 5:1) was stamped by the FIVEgreat facts, which it embraced:

  1. Jehovah and His Word.—”Thus saith Jehovah, God of Israel.” To this was opposed the objection of Pharaoh (v 2), “Who is Jehovah that I should obey His voice?”
  2. Jehovah’s People.—”Let my people go.” To this Pharaoh objected (10:9-11), “Who are they that shall go?” Moses said, “We will go with our young and with our old, and with our sons and with our daughters, etc.” “Not so; go now, ye that are men” (10:11), was Pharaoh’s reply. In other words, God’s people consist of His redeemed; and the enemy will be quite content for parents to go and serve God in the wilderness, provided they will leave their little ones behind in Egypt!
  3. Jehovah’s Demand.—”Let my people go.” No, said Pharaoh; “Go ye, sacrifice to your God in the land” (8:25). And many think today that they can worship in Egypt, but “Moses said, It is not meet so to do” (8:26).
  4. Jehovah’s Feast.—”That they may hold a feast unto me.” Pharaoh’s objection was (10:24), “Go ye, serve the LORD; only let your flocks and your herds be stayed.” How subtle was the opposition! But how perfect was Moses’ reply (10:26), “We know not with what we must serve the LORD until we come thither.” We cannot know God’s will for us until we are on God’s ground. Light for the second step will not be given until we have used the light given for the first.
  5. Jehovah’s Separation.—”In the wilderness.” When Pharaoh objected to their going at all, and wished them to serve God “in the land,” Moses insisted on a separation of “three days’ journey into the wilderness” (8:27). There must be a divinely perfect separation of the redeemed from Egypt and all its belongings.

But now Pharaoh’s objection is more subtle. He said (8:28), “I will let you go, that ye may sacrifice to the LORD your God in the wilderness; only ye shall not go very far away!” Oh! how many yield to this temptation, and are always within easy reach of the world. Living within the borderland, they are always open to the enemy’s enticements, and always in danger of his snares.

Behold, here, then, the perfection of grace, manifested in the demand of Jehovah for those “whom He hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy” (Psalm 107:2). The enemy stoutly resisted each of its FIVE-fold parts, but the grace of Jehovah is invincible.

THE TABERNACLE had FIVE for its all-pervading number; nearly every measurement was a multiple of FIVE. Before mentioning these measurements we ought to notice that worship itself is all of grace! No one can worship except those who are sought and called of the Father (John 4:23). “Blessed is the man whom Thou choosest and causest to approach unto Thee, that he may dwell in Thy courts; we shall be satisfied with the goodness of Thy house, even of Thy holy temple” (Psalm 65:4).

The Divine title of the book we call Leviticus is in the Hebrew Canon “He CALLED.” It is the book of worship, showing how God must call those who are to worship, and showing how He wills to be approached. The book opens with the direction that if any man will bring an offering to the Lord he shall bring such and such an offering. The offerers and the priests are told minutely all that is to be done. Nothing is left to their imagination.

We have seen that Leviticus is the third book of the Bible. It comes to us stamped with the number of Divine perfection. The opening words are, “And Jehovah spake,” an expression which occurs in the book 36 times (32×22).*

* Leviticus 4:1, 5:14, 6:1,8,19,24, 7:22,28, 8:1, 10:8, 11:1, 12:1, 13:1, 14:1,33, 15:1, 16:1,2, 17:1, 18:1, 19:1, 20:1, 21:1,16, 22:1,17,26, 23:1,9,23,26,33, 24:1,13, 25:1, 27:1.

  • Indeed, this third book is unique, consisting, as it does, almost wholly of the words of Jehovah. No other book of the Bible is so full of Divine utterances. It is fitting, therefore, that the number three should be stamped upon it.  “I AM JEHOVAH” occurs 21 times (3×7).*
  • I AM THE JEHOVAH YOUR GOD” occurs 21 times (3×7).**
  • I JEHOVAH AM” occurs three times (19:1, 20:26; 21:8); and “I JEHOVAH DO” twice (21:15, 22:9), or FIVE times together.

* Leviticus 11:45, 28:5,6,22, 19:12,14,16,18,28,30,32,37, 20:8, 21:12, 22:2,8,31,32,33, 26:2,45.

** Leviticus 11:44, 28:4,30, 19:3,4,10,25,31,34,36, 20:7,24, 23:22,43, 24:22, 25:17,38,55, 26:1,13,44.

Here then we have Divine communication, and the number of Deity stamped upon it. This might have been brought out under the number three, but it is well to have it here in connection with worship as springing from the will of God, and being founded in grace.

The Tabernacle has this number of grace (FIVE) stamped upon it.

The outer court was 100 cubits long and 50 cubits wide. On either side were 20 pillars, and along each end were 10 pillars, or 60 in all; that is 5 x 12, or grace in governmental display before the world, 12 being the number of the Tribes.

The pillars that held up the curtains were 5 cubits apart and 5 cubits high, and the whole of the outer curtain was divided into squares of 25 cubits (5×5). Each pair of pillars thus supported an area of 52 cubits of fine white linen, thus witnessing to the perfect grace by which alone God’s people can witness for Him before the world. Their own righteousness (the fine linen) is “filthy rags” (Isaiah 64:6), and we can only say “by the grace of God I am what I am” (1Corinthians 15)—a sinner saved by grace. This righteousness is based on atonement, for 5 x 5 was also the measure of the brazen altar of burnt offering. This was the perfect answer of Christ to God’s righteous requirements, and to what was required of man.

True, this brazen altar was only 3 cubits high, but this tells us that the provision was Divine in its origin, that atonement emanates solely from God.

The building itself was 10 cubits high, 10 cubits wide, and 30 cubits long. Its length was divided into two unequal parts, the Holy place being 20 cubits long; and the Holy of Holies 10 cubits, being therefore a perfect cube of 10 cubits. It was formed of forty-eight boards, twenty on either side, and eight at the end, the front being formed of a curtain hung on FIVE pillars. These forty-eight boards (3×42) are significant of the nation as before God in the fullness of privilege on the earth (4×12). FIVE bars passing through rings, which were attached to them, held the twenty boards on each side together.

The curtains, which covered the Tabernacle structure, were four in number. The first was made of ten curtains of byssus in various colours adorned with embroidered cherubim. Each curtain was 28 (4×7) cubits long and four wide. They were hung FIVE on each side, probably sewn together to form one large sheet (20×28); the two sheets coupled together by loops, and fifty (5×10) taches of gold. The second covering was formed of eleven curtains of goats’ hair, each 30 cubits long and four wide, joined together in two sheets fastened by loops and taches of brass. The third was of rams’ skins dyed red, and the fourth was of tachash (or coloured) skins,* of which the dimensions are not given.

* Probably of a sacrificial animal.

The Entrance Veils were three in number. The first was “the gate of the court,” 20 cubits wide and 5 high, hung on 5 pillars. The second was “the door of the Tabernacle,” 10 cubits wide and 10 high, hung like the gate of the court on 5 pillars. The third was the “beautiful veil,” also 10 cubits square, which divided the Holy place from the Holy of Holies. One feature of these three veils is remarkable. The dimensions of the vail of the court and those of the Tabernacle were different, but yet the area was the same. The former was 20 cubits by 5 = 100 cubits; the latter were 10 cubits by 10, equaling 100 cubits also. Thus while there was only one gate, one door, one vail, they each typified Christ as the only door of entrance for all the blessings connected with salvation. But note that the “gate” which admitted to the benefits of atonement was wider and lower (20 cubits wide, and 5 cubits high); while the door which admitted to worship was both higher and narrower, being only 10 cubits wide, half the width, and twice the height (10 cubits high); thus saying to us, that not all who experience the blessings of atonement understand or appreciate the true nature of spiritual worship. The highest worship—admittance to the mercy-seat—was impossible for the Israelites except in the person of their substitute—the high priest; for the beautiful vail barred their access. Yet this veil was rent in twain the moment the true grace that came by Jesus Christ was perfectly manifested. And it was rent by the act of God in grace, for it was rent “from the top to the bottom.”

It is worthy of note, and it is a subject which might well be further investigated by those who have leisure, that the Gem atria of Hebrews 9, which gives an account of the Tabernacle, yields the number FIVE as a factor. Taking each letter as standing for its corresponding figure, the value of Hebrews 9:2-10, describing the Tabernacle and its furniture, is 103,480. The factors of this number are all full of significance, viz., 5 x 8 x 13 x 199; where we have FIVE the number of grace, four the number of the world, the sphere in which it is manifested, while in thirteen we have the number of sin and atonement.

In like manner the second section of the chapter (Hebrews 9:11-28), which relates to the application of the type to Christ and His atoning work, is a simple multiple of thirteen, viz., 204,451 (13×15,727).

While the important digression in verses 16, 17, and 18, amounts to 11,830, which is 132 x 14 x 5, where we have the same great important factors.

THE PREPOSITIONS CONNECTED WITH SUBSTITUTION used in connection with atonement, expressing Christ’s death on behalf of His people, occur also in multiples of FIVE. occurs 585 times, the factors of this being 5 x 13 x 9, i.e., grace, atonement, and judgment.

About or concerning, occurs 195 times, of which the factors are 5 x 13 x 3, or grace, atonement, and divinity.

THE HOLY ANOINTING OIL (Exodus 30:23-25) was composed of FIVE parts, for it was a revelation of pure grace. This FIVE is marked by the numbers four and one. For four parts were spices, and one was oil.

The four principal species:—

  1. Myrrh, 500 shekels (5×100).
  2. Sweet cinnamon, 250 shekels (5×50).
  3. Sweet calamus, 250 shekels (5×50).
  4. Cassia, 500 shekels (5×100).

And olive oil, one hin.

This anointing oil was holy, for it separated to God; nothing else could separate. It was of God, and therefore of grace; and therefore the number of its ingredients was FIVE, and their quantities were all multiples of FIVE.

The word for “consecration” and the act are so misunderstood that it may be well to make a passing note upon it. The Hebrew is  (Mah-leh). It means, to fill, fill up, complete. Its first occurrence is Genesis 1:22, “multiply and fill the waters in the seas.” So 21:19, “she filledthe bottle with water“; 29:21, “My days are fulfilled“; Exodus 15:9, “My soul shall have its fill of them“; 28:41, “Thou shalt fill their hand.” This has been translated consecrate, which is a comment rather than a translation.

When the word is used of what man can do it is followed by the preposition l, which means “to” or “for,” as in 2 Chronicles 29:31, to fill the hand for one, i.e., to bring offerings (to Jehovah), which is quite a different thing altogether. There is no idea here of what is called today, “consecration.” It is a simple offering of gifts, which the offerer brings in his hands.

Only Jehovah Himself can invest a man with the privilege of any office in His service. “No man taketh this honour unto himself but he that is called of God” (Hebrews 5:4). Hence the Lord Jesus is specially called “the Anointed,” which is in Hebrew Messiah, and in Greek Christos, and in English Christ. Those who vainly talk about “consecrating themselves” should read 2 Chronicles 13:9.

At the consecration of the priest under the Old Covenant in Exodus 29:20, the numbers threeand FIVE accompany the act of Divine grace. Three acts, each associated with FIVE. The blood, and afterwards the holy oil upon it, was put—

  1. On the tip of the right ear, signifying that the Holy Spirit would cause him to hear the Word of God, and separating his FIVE senses for God;
  2. On the thumb of his right hand (one of the FIVE digits), signifying that he was to do and act for God;
  3. On the great toe of his right foot (again FIVE), signifying that his personal walks was to be conformed to God’s Word.

Thus it is now that the Holy Spirit consecrates all who are priests unto God. It is a Divine act, an act of sovereign grace. A grand reality when done for the sinner by God the Holy Ghost, but a worthless vanity when presumptuously done by a mortal man.

THE INCENSE (Exodus 30:34)

Consist of 4 sweet spices and 1 salt = 5

The LORD said to Moses, “Take sweet spices, stacte, and onycha, and galbanum, sweet spices with pure frankincense (of each shall there be an equal part), and make an incense blended as by the perfumer, seasoned with salt, pure and holy.

This incense was called by various names,—”pure,” “perpetual,” “sweet,” “holy.” No imitation of it was allowed. It indicates those precious merits of Christ through which alone our prayers can go up with acceptance before God. The incense was to symbolize “the prayers of the saints” offered by Christ Himself (Revelation 5:3). Our prayers are real prayers only when they ascend through His merits. The smoke of the incense was always associated with the smoke of the burnt offering! It was the fire from the brazen altar, which kindled the incense on the golden altar! It was fire of no earthly origin. It came down originally from heaven (Leviticus 9:24; Judges 6:21; 1 Kings 18:38; 1Chronicles 21:26; 2 Chronicles 7:1). Incense kindled with “strange fire” was visited with immediate death (Leviticus 10:1; Numbers 3:4, 26:61). And incense not made of the prescribed FIVE ingredients was forbidden to be offered (Exodus 30:9). Solemn provisions these, when we apply them to our prayers. They show us that our own words are nothing, and that Christ’s merits are everything. David said, “Let my prayer be set forth before Thee as incense; and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice” (Psalm 141:2), i.e., as incense goes up (Hebrews directed) to Thee, and the smoke of the burnt offering (the evening sacrifice), so let my prayers be accepted through the merits of that sacrifice.

There was given unto him much incense that he should offer it WITH the prayers of all saints and the smoke of the incense which came WITH the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God out of the angel’s hand” (Revelation 8:3,4). Rome has of course perverted this in her Vulgate Version, and in her various translations of it. She reads (Revelation 8), “that he might offer the prayers of all the saints.” And verse 4, “and the smoke of the incense of the prayers of the saints ascended.” The incense and the prayers are perfectly distinct; the one represents the merits of Christ, the other our imperfect prayers. But Rome confuses them, and her reason for doing so is shown by the notes which she puts in her various versions. The teaching of Scripture is clear, that apart from Christ’s merits all our prayers are absolutely worthless. Hence the exhortation in Hebrews 13:15, “BY HIM therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually; that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to His name” (see Leviticus 7:12; Psalm 51:12; Hosea 14:3, LXX).


Among many words stamped with this significance are:

  • gift” (Genesis 34:12; Numbers 18:11; Proverbs 18:16, 19:6, 21:14). It is suitable that this word should occur FIVE times, for gifts are of grace. It is noteworthy that “wages,” occurs four times, for wages are of the earth, earthy.
  • innocency” (Genesis 20:5; Psalm 26:6, 73:13; Hosea 8:5; Amos 4:6).
  • comforter(s)”  (Job 16:2, Psalm 26:20,  Ecclesiastes 4:1 (twice),  Jeremiah 8:18)

What a gracious provision! The Holy Spirit  that we may not sin and another with the Father for us if we do sin—even “Jesus Christ the righteous.

Other words are:—

  • gladness” (Luke 1:14; Acts 2:46; Hebrews 1:9), “joy” (Luke 1:44), “exceeding joy” (Jude 24).
  • to sing” (Ephesians 5:19; Colossians 3:16; Revelation 5:9, 14:3, 15:3).
  • rest” (Matthew 11:29, 12:43; Luke 11:24; Revelation 4:8, 14:11).
  • certainty” (Acts 21:34, 22:30, 25:26; Philippians 3:1; Hebrews 6:19).


  • Bless the Lord, O my soul.“—All in Psalms 103 and 104, viz., 103:1, 2, 23 and 104:1, 35. The Talmud calls attention to this and says, “As God fills the earth and nourishes it, so He nourishes and blesses the soul.
  • Whosoever hath, to him shall be given” (Matthew 13:12, 25:29; Mark 4:25; Luke 8:18, 19:26).—FIVE times, telling of the grace which gives.
  • The kingdom of God.”—FIVE times in the Gospel (Matthew) which alone speaks of “the kingdom of heaven.” The latter refers to earth, and the kingdom to be established here. While the former relates to the larger kingdom of grace, which includes it and the Church and all beside (Matthew 6:33, 12:8, 19:24, 21:31 and 43).

According to the Babylonian Talmud (Yoma 22b), the Second Temple lacked FIVE things, which had been in Solomon’s Temple, namely

  • The Ark that is the mercy-seat of the Cherubim,
  • The Sacred Fire from heaven on the altar,
  • The Shechinah Divine Presence
  • The Holy Spirit
  • “The Urim and Thummim.”

the Law that was contained in the Ark, but it had the presence of Him who was full of grace and truth, and who had that Law within His heart

Urim is derived from the Hebrew for “light”, or “to give light”, and Thummim from “completeness”, “perfection”, or “innocence” or  Urim and Thummim were considered as something distinct from the ephod of the high priest and the gems with which it was adorned (breastplate).


Twelve is a perfect number, signifying perfection of government, or of governmental perfection. It is found as a multiple in all that has to do with rule. The sun which “rules” the day, and the moon and stars which “govern” the night, do so by their passage through the twelve signs of the Zodiac which completes the great circle of the heavens of 360 (12 x 30) degrees or divisions, and thus govern the year.

Twelve is the product of 3 (the perfectly Divine and heavenly number) and 4 (the earthly, the number of what is material and organic).

While seven is composed of 3 added to 4, twelve is 3 multiplied by 4, and hence denotes that which can scarcely be explained in words, but which the spiritual perception can at once appreciate, viz., organization, the products denoting production and multiplication and increase of all that is contained in the two numbers separately. The 4 is generally prominently seen in the twelve.

THERE WERE Twelve PATRIARCHS from Seth to Noah and his family, and twelve from Shem to Jacob.

THE Twelve SONS OF ISRAEL though actually thirteen in number, there are never more than twelve names in any one list. There are about 18 enumerations altogether, but in each list one or other is omitted. Generally it is Levi, but not always. In Revelation 7 both Dan and Ephraim are omitted, but the enumeration is still twelve, Levi and Joseph being introduced for this special sealing of the remnant which shall go unscathed through the great tribulation.

Then there were twelve Judges or Saviours TEMPLE OF SOLOMON has the number twelveas the predominating factor, in contrast with the Tabernacle, which had the number five. This agrees with the grace which shines in the Tabernacle, and with the glory of the kingdom which is displayed in the Temple.

When we come to the New Testament we find the same great principle pervading the Apostolic government as we see in the Patriarchal and National, for we have:

  • The twelve Apostles.
  • The twelve foundations in the heavenly Jerusalem.
  • The twelve gates.
  • The twelve pearls.
  • The twelve angels.

THE MEASUREMENT OF THE NEW JERUSALEM will be 12,000 furlongs square, while the wall will be 144 (12 x 12) cubits, Revelation 21:16,17.

The number of the sealed in Revelation 7:4 will be 144,000, and all that has to do with the Twelve Tribes is necessarily pervaded by this number, such as the stones in the High Priest’s breastplate, the stones taken out of the Jordan, the number of the spies, etc. etc., and therefore we have not referred to all such reference in these pages.

TWELVE PERSONS WERE ANOINTED for government of various kinds. Of course, all kings, priests, prophets, and healed lepers were anointed; but the circumstances of the anointing of twelve individuals is specially recorded. Of these, five were priests (Aaron and his four sons, Exodus 6:23) and seven were kings:

  1. Aaron, Exodus 29:7,9
  2. 2.      Nadab, Exodus 29:7,9  
  3. 3.      Abihu, Exodus 29:7,9 
  4. Eleazar, Exodus 29:7,9.
  5. Ithamar, Exodus 29:7,9.
  6. Saul, 1 Samuel 10:1.
  7. David, * 1 Samuel 16:13.
  8. Absalom, 2 Samuel 19:10.
  9. Solomon, 1 Kings 1:39.

10. Jehu, 2 Kings 9:6.

11. Joash, 2 Kings 11:12.

12.  Jehoahaz, 2 Kings 23:30.

* David was anointed three times, viz: by Samuel, 1 Samuel 16:13; by the men of Judah, 2 Samuel 2:4; by the elders of Israel, 2 Samuel 5:3.

It will be observed from the above list that Saul, the man of man’s choice, is thus stamped with the number 6. David, the man of God’s choice is stamped with the number seven. For Saul and David are the sixth and seventh respectively in order. The words, “a man after God’s own heart,” mean simply a man of God’s choice, and not, as infidels are never tired of asserting, that God approved of all the sins which David fell into.

TWELVE YEARS of age was Jesus when He first appears in public (Luke 2:42) and utters His first-recorded words.

TWELVE LEGIONS of angels mark the perfection of angelic powers (Matthew 26:53).

AMMIEL One of the twelve spies (Numbers 13:12)

APOSTLES A title distinguishing the twelve disciples, whom Jesus selected to be intimately associated with himself (Luke 6:13)

BULLOCK  Twelve bronze, under the molten sea in Solomon’s temple (1 Kings 7:25; 2 Chronicles 4:4; Jeremiah 52:20)

DAY  Divided into twelve hours ( John 11:9)

GADDI One of the twelve spies who explored Canaan (Numbers 13:11)

GADDIEL One of the twelve spies (Numbers 13:10)

HEMORRHAGE A woman suffers for twelve years (Mark 5:25-29)

HOURS Twelve, in the day ( John 11:9; Matthew 20:3-12;27:45,46)

INSTRUCTION The pillar of twelve stones at the fords of the Jordan River (Joshua 4:19-24)

ISRAEL Omri, twelve years

THE HALF OF TWELVE sometimes denotes interruption or defect in human government, while

THE NUMBER OF OCCURRENCES of words agrees with its signification, e.g., “palace,” occurs twelve times.


  1. 1.      Genesis 14:4
  2. 2.      Genesis 14:4
  3. 3.      Genesis 25:16
  4. 4.      Genesis 35:22
  5. 5.      Genesis 42:13
  6. 6.      Genesis 42:32
  7. 7.      Genesis 49:28
  8. 8.      Exodus 15:27
  9. 9.      Exodus 24:4 (twice)

10. Exodus 28:21 (twice)

Revelation 5 (KJV) mentions the number seven 5 times and lamb 5 times 

Revelation 12 (KJV) talks about 5 subjects 

  1. 1.     The Woman,  
  2. 2.     the Child,  
  3. 3.     the Dragon  
  4. 4.     Satan Thrown Out of Heaven  
  5. 5.     The Woman Persecuted 

Revelation 5:12 (The seven angels prepare to sound their trumpets) saying with a loud voice, “Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing.”

It is matter of joy to all the world, to see that God deals with men in grace and mercy through the Redeemer. He governs the world, not merely as a Creator, but as our Saviour. The harps were instruments of praise; the vials were full of odours, or incense, which signify the prayers of the saints: prayer and praise should always go together. Christ has redeemed his people from the bondage of sin, guilt, and Satan.

Revelation 12:5 (KJV)  She bore a male Child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron. And her Child was caught up to God and His throne 

The apostle in vision, in heaven, saw the church, under the emblem of a woman, the mother of believers. She was clothed with the sun, justified, sanctified, and shining by union with Christ, the Sun of Righteousness. The moon was under her feet; she was superior to the reflected and feebler light of the revelation made by Moses. Having on her head a crown of twelve stars; the doctrine of the gospel, preached by the twelve apostles, is a crown of glory to all true believers.

Revelation 12:12  For this reason, rejoice, O heavens and you who dwell in them Woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, knowing that he has only a short time.”

How if you write down the numbers forward and backwards in two columns…  it actually adds up to 12Just a little math:


1       11=12

2       10=12

3         9=12

4         8=12

5         7=12

6         6=12

7         5=12

8         4=12

9         3=12

10       2=12

11       1=12

12         12


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I wanted to share this.

Victorious Leader and Good Nurturer of the Christian race, we Thy servants, delivered from evil, sing out grateful thanks to Thee. But as Thou hast invincible might deliver my children from all dangers that with tears I may cry to Thee: Raise my children, to be made worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven, and make them heirs of eternal blessings.  Intercede with Thy Son and God, O most Holy One, that an angel from heaven is sent to my children, just as to Thee was sent a most mighty protector, the Archangel Gabriel; and vouchsafe me to cry to Thee thus:

Intercede with Thy Son and God, O most Holy One, that an angel from heaven is sent to my children, just as to Thee was sent a most mighty protector, the Archangel Gabriel; and vouchsafe me to cry to Thee thus:

Raise my children to be earthly angels.

Raise my children to be heavenly men.

Raise my children to be Thy servants.

Raise my children to cry out to Thee:

Raise my children to be wise as serpents and as innocent as doves.

Raise my children to have knowledge of good but not of sin.

Raise my children to be wise against the snares of the devil.

Raise my children to order their lives wisely, following the examples of the saints.

Raise my children, nourishing them with the milk of the hidden wisdom of God, that they may seek it all of their lives.

Raise my children, O Lady, to be made worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven and make them heirs of eternal blessings.

Raise my children to flee eternal torment.

Raise my children to inherit life eternal.

Raise my children to pass the course of their life in Repentance.

Raise my children to labor to acquire the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Raise my children to exert effort to attain the Kingdom of Heaven.

Raise my children to be written in the Book of Life.

Raise my children, O Lady, to be made worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven and make them heirs of eternal blessings.

Raise my children in thy most holy inheritance.

Raise my children with all Thy Saints.

Raise my children to be Thy servants, fulfilling all Thy commands.

Raise my children to seek help from Thee alone.

Raise my children to inherit eternal life.

Raise my children, O Lady, to be made worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven and make them heirs of eternal blessings.

Raise my children to be poor in spirit, that they May inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.  Raise my children to weep, that they may be comforted.

Raise my children to be meek, that they may inherit the earth.

Raise my children to hunger and thirst after righteousness, that they may be filled.

Raise my children to be merciful, that they may obtain mercy.

Raise my children to be pure in heart, that they may see God.

Raise my children to be peacemakers, that they may be called the sons of God.

Raise my children, O Lady, to be made worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven and make them heirs of eternal blessings.

Raise my children to be the light of the world that their light may shine before men and that seeing their good deeds, men will glorify their Father in Heaven.

Raise my children to be enlightened by Thy Son, that in His light they may see light and direct their steps towards Him.

Raise my children always to turn the eyes of their heart to the Redeemer of all.

Raise my children to be guided to the habitation of the Righteous by the Morning Star which is Thy Son.

Raise my children to be meek and silent and to tremble before the word of God.

Raise my children to love Thee and Thy Son not only with their minds but also with their Hearts.

Raise my children, O Lady, to be made worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven and make them heirs of eternal blessings.

Raise my children to seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness.

Raise my children to walk the narrow way leading to life eternal.

Raise my children to do the will of Thy Son and God in every place.

Raise my children to long to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

Raise my children to be numbered among Thy chosen ones.

Raise my children, of Lady, to be made worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven and make them heirs of eternal blessings.

Raise my children to keep vigil and pray that they may not fall into temptation.

Raise my children to be merciful so that their Father in Heaven will be merciful to them.

Raise my children in purity of childhood, for the children belongs the Kingdom of God.

Raise my children to be the least of all, that they may be great before God.

Raise my children to fulfill the Word of God, and to be partakers of the heavenly blessedness for which they came into being.

Raise my children to have good hope in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Raise my children, O Lady, to be made worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven and make them heirs of eternal blessings.

Raise my children to love Thee with all their hearts and minds.

Raise my children to open their lips only in the praise and glory of Thy blessings.

Raise my children to await the coming of Thy Son with tears.

Raise my children in watchful and continual prayer.

Raise my children to stand always before Thee with reverence.

Raise my children to bear good fruit.

Raise my children, O Lady, to be made worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven and make them heirs of eternal blessings.

Raise my children to be leaders in doing the will of Thy Son and God.

Raise my children to hate sin and all transgression.

Raise my children to love good and all virtue.

Raise my children in blameless purity.

Raise my children to ascent the ladder of their lives every day.

Raise my children to turn their eyes to Thy compassion in the midst of sorrows.

Raise my children to serve Thee in obedience and chastity.

Raise my children, O Lady, to be made worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven and make them heirs of eternal blessings

Raise my children to love Thee with all their hearts and minds.

Raise my children to open their lips only in the praise and glory of Thy blessings.

Raise my children in watchful and continual Prayer.

Raise my children to stand always before Thee with reverence.

Raise my children to bear good fruit.

Raise my children, O Lady, to be made worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven and make them heirs of eternal blessings.

Raise my children to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Raise my children to be found on the right hand at the Judgment Seat of Thy Son.

Raise my children to live in a holy manner.

Raise my children to dwell securely on the path of faith by the grace of the Spirit of God.

Raise my children to hunger and thirst insatiably for the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit.

Raise my children to perfect as our Father in Heaven is perfect.

Raise my children, O Lady, to be made worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven and make them heirs of eternal blessings.




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Suicide and Christianity

I don’t want people to misunderstand me when I post things you might disagree with. So this is my beliefs. My grandmother, bless her heart, always told me never hate the person but hate their behavior. She said, people, get trapped by Satan because they don’t put their trust in God so they do foolish things. I try to live by those words. God has always been in life even before birth.

When people commit murder or any violent crime, I feel awful that their behavior took a life or ruined others with their bad behavior. It is not for me to judge this man/woman. In Matthew 7 “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured unto you. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me cast out the mote out of thine eye; and lo, the beam is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.” Not even our Justice System has it right.  Sometimes they let people who commit murder free and those who didn’t commit murder get life sentences or the death penalty. No matter what the outcome is, I still pray for them, their family, the victim, and their family. We already know that for the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and his ears are open to their prayer. But the face of the Lord is against those who do evil. The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some count slackness; but is longsuffering to you-ward, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. When, God’s son, Christ Jesus, was on the cross, he looked towards the darkened day and Jesus said, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And parting his garments among them, they cast lots.

For all those who take their own life, again, I cannot judge! but remember this If any man destroyeth the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, and such are ye. But remember this: every person is accountable for his or her actions up to the point of losing rationality. It is most unfortunate that children sometimes commit suicide. We cannot presume to know what has gone on in the mind of a tender child who resorts to this level of desperation.  Even more so for children who can’t possibly understand what they are doing because of their young minds and doesn’t really know their rationality.

All I can say is this: if a person is accountable to God, he will have to answer for his deeds (2 Corinthians 5:10); if he is not, then assuredly he will not. The great Judge of all the earth will do that is right (Genesis 18:25). Every person is accountable for his or her actions up to the point of losing rationality.  Meaning Rationality is the quality or state of being reasonable, based on facts or reason rather than emotions or feelings. Rationality is a normative concept that refers to the conformity of one’s beliefs with one’s reasons to believe, or of one’s actions with one’s reasons for action.  I hope you understand what this paragraph is about.

In 2 Timothy 2:26 it says, “…that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will. “ The Devil has a snare by which he takes many captives at his will. In “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding” (Prov. 3:5). We must “walk by faith and not by sight” (2 Cor. 5:7). A person(s) free will and choices they make has been captured by the devil. This I believe. Their rationality has been compromised by any means the devil set traps by way of addiction to alcohol, drugs, and mental illness. I will pray for those who commit suicide and their families.

(Proverbs 16:9) A man’s heart deviseth his way, But Jehovah directeth his steps. You need to Trust in Him! I do! Yahweh has taught me forgiveness, selflessness, and I am still learning every day about His Wisdom so I can gain more knowledge. You would ask me if it happened to me would I forgive so easily, yes I forgave my aggressors in my life! That was my start and everything fell into place.

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The Picture depicts a change to modern years.   The below is from the Old Testament.

Related image

Daniel and Isaiah all predict great and terrible events for these the last days. A terrible apostasy. *keyword* “predict” Nobody knows what day or the time that will be but we all need to pay attention to the 7 seals listed in Revelations. The reason why these 7 seals were given by our Lord is to be prepared. Ask yourself what he means to be prepared! It doesn’t mean dig a hole in the ground with food and water. It means to make your amends with God, Jesus Christ and learn how to give forgiveness and learn to forgive yourself! Get rid of your pride, selfishness and tell those that surround you; family, friend, or enemy that you Love them. Get your priorities together.
The First Seal—Rider on White Horse
6 Then I saw when the Lamb broke one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying as with a voice of thunder, “Come.” 2 I looked, and behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it had a bow; and a crown was given to him, and he went out conquering and to conquer.
The Second Seal—War
3 When He broke the second seal, I heard the second living creature saying, “Come.” 4 And another, a red horse, went out; and to him who sat on it, it was granted to take peace from the earth, and that men would slay one another; and a great sword was given to him.
The Third Seal—Famine
5 When He broke the third seal, I heard the third living creature saying, “Come.” I looked, and behold, a black horse; and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand. 6 And I heard something like a voice in the center of the four living creatures saying, “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not damage the oil and the wine.”
The Fourth Seal—Death
7 When the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come.” 8 I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death, and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth.
The Fifth Seal—Martyrs
9 When the Lamb broke the fifth seal, I saw underneath the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God, and because of the testimony which they had maintained; 10 and they cried out with a loud voice, saying, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, will You refrain from judging and avenging our blood on those who dwell on the earth?” 11 And there was given to each of them a white robe; and they were told that they should rest for a little while longer, until the number of their fellow servants and their brethren who were to be killed even as they had been, would be completed also.
The Sixth Seal—Terror
12 I looked when He broke the sixth seal, and there was a great earthquake, and the sun became black as sackcloth made of hair, and the whole moon became like blood; 13 and the stars of the sky fell to the earth, as a fig tree casts its unripe figs when shaken by a great wind. 14 The sky was split apart like a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. 15 Then the kings of the earth and the great men and the commanders and the rich and the strong and every slave and free man hid themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains; 16 and they *said to the mountains and to the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the presence of Him who sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb; 17 for the great day of their wrath has come, and who is able to stand?”
The Seventh Seal—the Trumpets
8 When the Lamb broke the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour. 2 And I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and seven trumpets were given to them.
3 Another angel came and stood at the altar, holding a golden censer; and much incense was given to him so that he might add it to the prayers of all the saints on the golden altar which was before the throne. 4 And the smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, went up before God out of the angel’s hand. 5 Then the angel took the censer and filled it with the fire of the altar, and threw it to the earth, and there followed peals of thunder and sounds and flashes of lightning and an earthquake.  6 And the seven angels who had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound them.
7 The first sounded, and there came hail and fire, mixed with blood, and they were thrown to the earth, and a third of the earth was burned up, and a third of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned up.  8 The second angel sounded, and something like a great mountain burning with fire was thrown into the sea; and a third of the sea became blood, 9 and a third of the creatures which were in the sea and had life, died; and a third of the ships were destroyed.
10 The third angel sounded, and a great star fell from heaven, burning like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of waters. 11 The name of the star is called Wormwood, and a third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died from the waters because they were made bitter. 12 The fourth angel sounded, and a third of the sun and a third of the moon and a third of the stars were struck, so that a third of them would be darkened and the day would not shine for a third of it, and the night in the same way. 13 Then I looked, and I heard an eagle flying in mid-heaven, saying with a loud voice, “Woe, woe, woe to those who dwell on the earth, because of the remaining blasts of the trumpet of the three angels who are about to sound!”


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God gave us all a free will and choices to make in this life. We all have our opinions on whatever the subject may be. I am only responsible for my choices whether it be right or wrong. You may think I am wrong and you may delete me, erase me, or hide me because you don’t agree with me (that’s on you). How I think of earthly ideas or how MAN chooses to do with his/her body that way of thinking is all ME and it is not YOUR thinking. You have your ideology on how things are supposed to be, we are all different in our thinking of what life, history (past or present) is. I will give you that respect. I’m just letting you know up front that I believe in God and his son Jesus Christ. I don’t believe in Governmental Color coding of Humankind we are not a color, I don’t believe in gender switching, I don’t believe in homosexuality, I don’t believe in same-sex marriage, I am satisfied with the money I have, I don’t believe in violence or abuse no matter whom you are and I don’t believe in Hate but believe in Love. I will not judge those in my DNA line of history for what they have done or will do. I am here because of them and my children and their children will proceed after me! I will not Judge people for their beliefs because it is not for me to judge that belongs to Jesus Christ. I learned from LOVE that you love a person for whom they are not what they are, how they dressed, the color of their skin, what gender they want to be, sexual preferences, poor or rich, or how they live. I will continue in doing so. Please know the difference of “I don’t believe” and “I don’t Judge”, it is not hypocritical or hate but my truths. I’m not worried if you hate me for it because God has me. Anything that will come my way in a personal way whether it is tragedy, drama, or life-changing, I will deal with it in my way through God because I Trust in Him. I am not afraid to ask or to talk to someone if I need help when needed, it is through God that I do. I’m not afraid to ask for repentance or forgiveness if I am wrong. I have the patience that God wants me to have but will get angry with those that interfere with it. My tragedies in my life are MINE, not anybody else’s and I am who I am because of it. Again, I don’t use alcohol and drugs to have a backbone in what I have gone through. I fell I got up, I fall again I get it up again and every time I fall I get up stronger and it brings me closer to God. God brought me through rape, abuse, and violence AND He will get me through anything that may happen in the present or future.

I will not deny my belief in God or Jesus Christ for anyone and NO ONE will change my mind. What you do and how you believe is on you!

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