I gave birth to a 7 lb 6 oz baby girl on 6/7/67. The courts may have changed her birth date surrounding her real birthday. She was born at Denver General Hospital and now known as Denver Medical Health One in Denver Colorado under the name of Chevette Rene’ Thomas. She is bi-racial mixed with Black and French Spaniard (Creole). It took me 30 days to make the decision of giving her up and 60 days to go to court. I went back to get her after the court hearing because I changed my mind but they already took her. Mrs. Helen Inez Richardson from Social Services informed me the family is from Omaha, Nebraska, or Cheyenne, Wyoming; him being African American and she being Caucasian. They were radio hosts and were planning to move to California because of a job offer. They talked me into giving her up for adoption. Either that or Ms Richardson adopted her and told me a lie. It all happened to quickly that day. I celebrate her birthday by getting away by myself to think of her birth and what she looked like when she was born. Her baby face is still etched into my brain. I see her beautiful perfect smooth skin, big dark eyes and her jet-black hair that layer down like silk on her face. She had a lot of hair on her head. I loved her then and still love her now more than ever.

Comment to my Daughter:

“They were going to change your birth date up to 3 days prior or after 90 days. They may have told you, you were born in California so you will not find me. They also said they may change your birth name because of the way I felt at the time of adoption, they wanted to make sure I didn’t go back to get you and they were right because I did just that”. I love you so much”!!!

I had to seek counseling after giving her up because I couldn’t bear the mental stress it caused me of giving her up. I loved her so much and cried every night for 1 year and still cry inside my heart. She needs to know why I gave her up. Every 2 years I go to the Vital Statistics here in Denver and leave my contact information in case she tries to get in touch with me. Her Birth name was Chevette Rene’ Thomas;  her fathers name is John Al Thomas.  I named her before the car chevette came out. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about her. I now have 3 sons, 9 grandsons, 2 granddaughters, and 5 great grandchildren. I would love to find her. I have been looking forever since I gave her up. Every face I see out there and I wonder is it her. Oh I yearned to find my daughter. If anyone knows of someone who fits this description and knows they are adopted, they can leave a message on this blog.  I don’t take kindly to people who joke or be rude.   I have a private investigator who will immediately press charges for fraud or harassment.  

Thanks for hearing me out.

NOTE: Ladies please if you have a deep dark secret as this one. Tell it!! Come forth with the truth. Many of us make decisions we don’t want to do and regret in that this is one decision in my life I would have changed. This memory can’t be removed from my mind because I was forced to make a decision from Social Workers, family, courts, and others. I was a young confused and very vulnerable teenager at this time. They used my rapes as a child to change my mind. Social Services said the father of my daughter has made threats to kidnap her. He in no way has said this as he told me 10 years later. Also find out that when I went back to get her, they would have had to give her back to me and that’s not what they said to me.  If you are her or not certain, adoptees whose adoptions were finalized between 1951 and 1967 should be able to get your original birth certificate with your birth parents names listed! On Adoption records themselves.


1. Adoptions finalized Process Prior to July 1, 1951

Records remain sealed except via court order

2. July 1, 1951 to June 30, 1967

Records open to adoptee

3. July 1, 1967 to August 31, 1999

Records open to adult adoptee (18 years of age or older)

4. September 1, 1999 to present

 Records remain sealed except via court order


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