VonDeritt’s Myers Preliminary Autopsy (Full) (Video)

You may disagree to agree.

Listening to the hour long preliminary autopsy report 3 times of Dr. Wecht was painful.  As I closed my eyes, I imagined myself running up that steep hill being shot; falling to the ground as the one shot tore into the back of the leg shattering the femur.  When Dr. Wecht was describing that fall, it was like I was seeing my husband (former) fall to the ground when his ACL/PCL tore.   My husband couldn’t move at all and was in so much pain.  I can imagine how much pain VonDeritt Myers was in when that happened to him that shot had to floor him completely.  In my mind I can visibly see this police officer take advantage of this situation and knowingly climb up this hill to where VonDeritt Myers was lying in a heap of pain and that’s when the police officer shot one more time down toward VonDeritt Myers’ head hitting as the bullet penetrating straight down into his temple as the residue from the gun shot sprayed VonDeritt Myers’ hand as he had his hands up saying No No No then became silent.   This is what I see as I close my eyes as I heard the autopsy report the 3rd time.   My body bent over trembling, the inside of my soul and heart breaks as the tears roll out for this young man.  As those same tears were dropped for Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin and many more.   God has blessed me with 3 sons, and 12 grandsons and 4 granddaughters.  I want them safe! Hoodies UP! Hands up! Don’t Shoot! No Justice! No Peace!  End Racism! End Police Brutality!

Listen below to the Dr. Wecht’s Preliminary Autopsy Report.

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