Why does Racism exist, the word Racism did not exist until the 1700’s when the “founding fathers” that was all “white” when they signed the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863 to free the slaves by Abraham Lincoln?   What happened after that they had to keep control of who went whereby former slaves, former owners, and former whoever.   Race groups were created by the United States Government beginning in 1790 called Census Reasoning’s to keep track of Free White Males and Slaves. Then in 1850, it shifted to Color White, Black, or Mulatto. Then in 1870, it expanded to “C” for Chinese/Asian “I” for Indigenous. Then Enumerators were added to the Black Race, Quadroons and etcetera. As the years progress the people started to become more diverse, the Government couldn’t catch up; four color categories White, Black, Yellow, and Red label came into effect with their enumerators. Now people who were born in America have been categorized (let’s define the word categorize” cat·e·go·rize ˈkadəɡəˌrīz/verb place in a particular class or group.) with their ancestors origins who were born in Europe were put in “White” labels; Africa were put in “Black” labels; Asia, Japan or eyes that were slanted were put in “Yellow” labels; Indigenous, Israel were put country  Red Labels who knows probably more from those countries were put in the “Red” labels.  I always thought that the  Red Label of Race was for communist countries. Then the people from Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Spain started to complain about their cultures so the United States made two new labels Brown Race and Bronze Race. In 1970 they moved the Mixed Race to the Brown Race; if you are mixed with Black, you are no longer considered Black, if you don’t know this you do now but by the standards of United States Government Census Bureau you consider Brown.  The United States or the Census Bureau has conveniently forgotten to give this information out to anyone. Anyway, you have been tagged, labeled, should I say QR’d.  Did you know that refusing to fill out the Census Bureau form is a federal offense and they can give you jail time or fine you $500-1000?  That’s how important it is to the government to keep us divided.

I mean really if you think about it the “white” man made up the color schemes and now everybody is proud to be those colors because we were and are brainwashed to accept it.

After all these years, it started off with one group yelling “White Power” “White Pride” followed by “Black Power” “Black Pride” than “Yellow Power” “Yellow Peril” it was one group of people to the other groups of who had the power over the other groups, like flexing their muscles at a competition show.   The Yellow power group was behind the Black power and joined forces over the White Power but who had Power over the Red Power group?  Which none of this makes sense to me.  In reality, honestly, there is only one power “Human Power”.   We all bleed the same!

The colors all became a power struggle for one group toward another group, which we all know is now called Racism.   The word “Race” is no longer defines a person or a thing that runs from or to.   A Race now means a tribe or group of people is what the Government has initially brainwashed you to believe and call yourself. *Yup* a color!


For me, It all changed because as a child I never saw the difference of one’s skin color until I was forced to see it by Prejudice and Racial Abuse in the 70’s and 80’s, especially within my own family.   I always have said to myself “be proud of the ethnicity’s you are” not the colors the government gave you! My grandmother taught me what love was all about and she never taught me to hate.  My mom was too busy working to feed and clothe her children but thanking God for my Grandmother every day for her teachings.   This is why I wrote this and why I needed to explain it to you the way I understand it. I know some people out there don’t believe in God which is your choice but I do. You can’t take that choice away from me.  It was instilled in me when I was in my mothers’ womb.  I was not supposed to live, I came into this world by Violence, and I was conceived by rape.  So, in my opinion, when God created MAN, in the beginning, he created us in His image without being defined as a “color” but as a Human being!  God created this universe and the earth upon us to share and live with each other.  The weather and the climate changed the outer part of our bodies to look the way we look but never the inside.  We are all the still the same and we all breathe the same.  That has not changed since the first creation of Man.  With that, I claim no labels that are my God given Rights. If you ask me my origin, I am an American. If you don’t know what “Origin” means when asked, it means “where did your life start or where were you born? If you ask me where my ancestors were born I will say the United Nations although the government needs to be specific of what line of my family tree 2nd, 3rd, or 58th because I do have plenty. My ancestral tree is full of branches with over 5,000 to mention. Too many Eons/Decades have passed to say one Country. I am very proud of every DNA that I am even if I was conceived in Rape.  It is not his fathers or their ancestry’s fault that my biological sperm was a violent man.  Forgiveness!

Racism needs to end! If one needs to stop racism, you would think it would have to start within yourself by stop calling yourself a color.  It’s easy for me because I started a long time ago.  Teach your children their ethnicity’s not their race the government gave them.  Besides, I am who I am… there is a reason why Jesus himself says this, figure it out. This is just my IMO.

Racial Separation and Segregation by cities and communities must end.   Jobs and education must be the same for everybody!  Equality!  Killing and destroying each other because of hatred of one’s skin color is destroying God’s creation of MAN.  As the Bible says… One day we will be ONE Nation under God!  I already have two grandsons who are by the government standards are of ALL races and under ONE nation under God!  They were that from the very beginning in the first place if you think about it. It was MAN that divided Man by skin color, not God!



I always felt different since I was a child.  My family all spoke another language, that language is Spanish.  They never taught the children this language because they said this is America and we need to only speak English.  My family who was from the San Luis Valley of Colorado had already encountered the discrimination back in the 1930’s coming to Denver.   My grandfather who was tall and dark in complexion, very dark eyes, wavy black hair and my grandmother very light skin, red hair, and green/hazel eyes.   My mom a very mixture of her parents.   When I was 9 years old, we left to California and coming back from California to Colorado. My mom changed my name from a Hispanic name to a white last name, she said: “when I graduate from High School, I could find a job”.   I didn’t think anything of it nor did I ask.   My family tried to keep discrimination and hatred away from us as children.   Discrimination was known to me when I got to middle school that I realize so much hatred.   I was such a little thing for a girl at my age and shy.   I would hide behind the doors, in the bathrooms, and poles of the schools going to class from class.   I would watch the others kids play.   I would see fights among the other kids, the hatred, the name calling and how words that I didn’t understand as a child would learn.   I would go home crying every night. I made a friend, her name was Willa, and then her friends became my friends.  I stopped hiding behind everything.  They would walk with me, talk to me.   I love my new friends.   But and there is always a BUT in situations.   When walking home from school, I started getting called names, such as “N” Lover, rocks were thrown at me, I got beat up a couple of times.   I lived 45 minutes away from school; my friends started walking home with me.  That stopped.   I never told my mom.   Then my brother started to get into fights because of me.   Once again, my friends got their friends to protect him.   This is when I found what words such as “Discrimination” “Prejudice” and “Racism” meant. This was the beginning of 1960.    Then I became familiar with Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., and all those who were fighting the same thing they are fighting for now, “Equality”.  I became an advocate against violence and during that time and even rebelled against my own family.

Even though up above, you see, I mention about my grandparents and their skin color and told you the language they spoke but did not tell you their race.   By reading that part of it, you would think that I am by the Government standards would be what?   I will leave that up to you to decide.  Here is what I found in my DNA makeup.   My ancestry ethnic background is 29-31% Native American, Europe, Asia, Pacific Islander, Middle East, Africa and is a United States Citizen. The great news is  I am from the 12th Tribe of Abraham on my Grandfather side.   I am finding the same from my grandmother side but a little different.  When I go to my children’s ancestral tree, it stops because of slavery.   You see their ancestry is from Arkansas.   I will find them so they can know their history and they can pass it on to their children.   I don’t want them to have to wear vests to keep them safe.   I want them to have a life to carry on into the future. This hatred of Racism is killing people of color.

I know I keep repeating this but again the whole reason for Race labeling is to keep track of where people of ethnicity are residing; from the very beginning since slavery, days began. When you get rid of Race Labels hopefully you will get rid of Race profiling, it starts with the Government; Then the Racist Radical Groups.   Then the KKK or those who think the “white race” is supreme and pure took the Spanish word for black which is “Negro” and turned it into a racial epithet the “N” word.  I seen and read the books heard the stories of the South.   I remember when Martin Luther King was assassinated and Malcolm X! I remember the Black Panthers that marched in Colorado because I was there but they wouldn’t let me march with them.

We need to deprogram ourselves caused by the systematic indoctrination and categorization of Race by ethnic ancestry to keep track of.   Keep saying that I am who I am and I’m not a color!

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