Since day one of the night in question, you think the defendant almost pulled off the perfect crime. The first thing he did was tell everyone he is was going to Target nearby his house. Strange isn’t it. He never went to Target. Two people lived in the direct path of these townhouses, his sister one and his best friend his Neighbor. They had to have called the so called captain of a NW to alert him of a young black teenager walking through the townhouses. Fagan decides to check this character out and grabs his gun thinking he is going to need it. (He didn’t think he was going to need, he couldn’t just let this suspicious black guy get away) He decides to get into his car so he won’t be conspicuous and sees this young black teenager walking in the rain and on his celli just has the sister and neighbor alerted him to. He starts following him in his car. He decides to call NEN instead of 911 (why is that?) informing them of a ‘suspicious guy” walking in his community. Gives them a description of the kid but here is what I have a problem with the In-Session room the supporters of the defendant whom we know as Fagan, discuss the “mirror effect” in picture taking regarding all the evidence that was put in the public media. It’s strange that they brought this subject up. This is part of that perfect crime scenario. I prompted myself to do a research in the “Perfect Crime” theory

“A perfect crime goes unsolved not because of incompetence in the investigation or being planned, but because of the cleverness and skill of the criminal.” But in this case it was incompetence by SPD and the cleverness and the skill of the criminal with family and friends included. Not to say Fagan is clever but I must say he is manipulative in the way this case all began.

1. He calls NEN instead of 911.

2. He claims he feared for his life.

3. Shoots and kills a 17 year old Black American youth.

4. He shows no signs of any real injuries at the scene to serious injuries after he was sitting in the patrol car.

5. His neighbor suddenly appears then Fagan’s wife during the time he was sitting in the patrol car. 6. He refuses to go to the hospital.

7. He is taken to SPD for questioning and gives his statement stating it was a SYG situation.

8. They let him go.

9. No Blood test was done.

10. He lies to the court about Monies.

11. He lies about passports.

12. His statements of that night are not consistent.

Now remember, I mentioned the mirror effect. In the 911 calls of him and the SPD interviews, he said on two occasions that it was not him screaming (“it doesn’t even sound like me). BUT all of sudden his daddy appears on TV saying that was his son screaming for Help. Now his daddy surely knows the law because he is a magistrate and his mom work for the state and don’t you think his daddy is guiding him to say this and to say that with the help of his mom. All of sudden Fagan comes to I don’t know to it’s me screaming. I mean who could have better parents to help their son get out of a Murder case. Fagan has it made because he has a law expert for a father plus he went to school for Criminal Justice, rode around on police tours. All of that is better then lawyer’s right? I mean what did they have to lose? I surely think not their son for gosh sakes. During the time of his not being arrested what do you think they were doing? Family meetings with his best friend wannaB new adopted found brother and his dutiful neighbor, talking strategy in making a new blue print of the crime scene. Then all of sudden TV interviews and just like he was prompted to do, memorizing his lines from a script as if he was an actor. Still waiting for the mirror effect?

The Mirror Effect:

Everything that Fagan said that the victim did and said is mirrored back to Fagan… ya think? Fagan said the victim told him “ he hit me and knocked me down I fell backwards” “you’re going to die tonight” “you got me” “stfu” “I reached for my phone” “he broke my nose” “he smothered my face and mouth*.

A possible scenario: Fagan caught up with his victim after he followed him by saying “I got you”. The victim initially was on his phone but the call dropped and he was trying to reach for his phone when Fagan grabbed him thus the phone dropped to the ground in their struggle. He so desperately tried “to get away” but Fagan wasn’t having it… because he was thinking that he could let this a-hole get away, words are exchanged but it is not words but the victim’s screams “No” “Stop” I’m Begging you”    while Fagan told his victim to “STFU”.


Fagan already had his gun out as we heard the magazine being loaded in the NEN call.  Fagan told Trayvon Martin “You deserve to die tonight” but only two of those words were heard on the 911 call.  The only expert hearing we are going to hear in this case is your ears, since Judge Nelson has denied the State the motions on Reich and Owen.


Fagan shoots him standing up, shooting him directly into his chest killing him. Hearing the gun shot and right after that his victim falls to the ground on his knees with his arms underneath him (a thud his heard after gunshot on 911 call of Witness 11 is heard), Fagan gets on top of him straddling him making sure he dies that way nobody will know what he has really done.  A witness comes and Fagan asks are you the police… the witness says no… the witness says he can call 911 Fagan tells him in a desperate voice… no, you need to help me restrain this guy…  Police arrived at the scene; officer states he has no apparent injuries.  No Ambulances are needed to transport him and then he refuses to be taken to a medical facility and uses the excuse of no medical insurance.  What a cover up.  Then all of sudden on December of 2012 a bloody picture of the defendant is released when the shooting happened 2/26/2012. Convenient yeah? Is that a design of a gun mark on the back of Fagan’s head? Um interesting… Everything is covered right? We may never uncover the real truth on this earth but one thing is for sure, the higher than high will know what has inspired.

June 10th is here and gone and the jury selection has been done, six women chosen, non-black, 5 mothers, 1 ccw and one who believed the Trayvon Martin movement was a Race Riot.  Now we put our faith and trust in God to do what is right.   Six women are in God’s hands to hear the absolute truth as we see it without all the lies of Fagan and company.  Let’s see if the mirror effect of the one that gets away will be the defendant in this, I surely hope not.   This so far has turned out to be a game to commit a perfect crime with a lies and manipulations.

We will never Forget Trayvon Martin as this trial gets underway.

Trayvon Martin Never Forgotten!

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