Neighborhood Watch My Behind!

They surely have it now! TOO LATE!

I wish the news media and all you supporters of George Zimmerman would stop saying he is a Former Neighborhood Watch Captain…  How do you think the Martins settled their lawsuit with HOA.  HOA and George Zimmerman didn’t follow procedure, they never contacted the Sheriff’s to register and George never had training through the Sheriff’s Dept.  Here is a news article and press release stating it: 

The National Sheriff’s Association (NSA) is the government agency that works in conjunction with local offices and citizens in establishing Neighborhood Watch Programs. According to the NSA, there is no record of George Zimmerman on the Sanford Police Department establishing and registering a neighborhood watch program through the NSA.

“The alleged action of a “self-appointed neighborhood watchman” last month in Sanford, FL significantly contradicts the principles of the Neighborhood Watch Program,” stated NSA Executive Director Aaron D. Kennard, Sheriff (ret.). “NSA has no information indicating the community where the incident occurred has ever even registered with the NSA Neighborhood Watch program.”

“The Neighborhood Watch Program fosters collaboration and cooperation with the community and local law enforcement by encouraging citizens to be aware of what is going on in their communities and contact law enforcement if they suspect something – NOT take the law in their own hands,” continued Executive Director Kennard.

“The alleged participant ignored everything the Neighborhood Watch Program stands for and it resulted in a young man losing his life. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Trayvon Martin during this terrible time.”

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