Trayvon Martin “Never Forgotten” Remembrance

The defense team wants to tarnish this young man with lies and deceit. They forget this is somebody’s child, this is somebody’s family, this is somebody’s friend, this young man is who we became to love. This is the son of Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton and he has siblings. We will never forget!

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4 Responses to Trayvon Martin “Never Forgotten” Remembrance

  1. diary73 says:

    You have a picture of Trayvon with no shirt on. Is that actually Trayvon? It looks like the ones with the ratio on the wrong shoulder showing the bird, but yours does not have that tatoo. I want to see that photo in isolation. May I?

  2. There is nothing cuter than Trayvon in his cap and gown. Can that little face be any cuter? The smile is so adorable. Justice4Trayvon!

  3. Two sides to a story says:


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